Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unique Personalized Teacher Gifts

"Show us your life" from sweet Kelly
is featuring "teacher gifts" this week
therefore I thought I should show some
samples of "teacher gifts"
I've engraved in the past.
Shown above is a 6" x 6" Tan Engraved Tile.
This can be personalized with the teacher's name
engraved on top of the tile and the student's name
and year engraved on the bottom of the tile.
Shown above is a 12" x 12" Engraved Tile
for a very devoted teacher of 26 years.
Above is a personalized wood photo frame.
The frame holds a 4" x 6" photo and can be engraved
horizontally or vertically.
The personalized tile above features a quote
by Benjamin Franklin.
This tile is an 8" x 8" in 'stone'.
And above is yet another personalized
engraved tile for a very special Principal
who retired last year. This tile
is an 8" x 16" Porcelain tile.

I've also recently added a a personalized
acrylic ruler which would make a great
teacher's gift.

Please go here to see other fonts, colors, sizes,
and products. You will find with each size tile
there is a 'create your own' which essentially
means you can personalize your tile with any
saying, quote, Scripture, artwork and
student's name or names
and the year.

The only limit is your imagination!

Thanks Kelly for hosting and
thanks for looking.
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend.

Blessings always,
Matthew 21:22
Designed by Lena