Thursday, May 28, 2009

With Kids In Mind

Mary Katherine was kind enough to give this
piece of cross stitch back
to me and I had it framed using
barn-wood for the kids room.
I've always loved this wonderful children's prayer
and at one time cross-stitched it and had it hanging
over the kids crib...
Jack cut several cedar beams and we used them
in this guest room/kids play room....
Some of my favorite 'kid' purchases at an
antique auction were the
rocking horse & the camel saddles.

A local gift shop went out of business while we were
rebuilding and it had once been a hardware store.
When they decided they'd sell their fixtures during
their close-out sale,
I bought several wood bins for toys and such.

More of the cedar Jack cut
was used for built-in bookshelves
on each side of the bed...
I won the bidding 'war' on these twin
beds at an auction, but little did I know
that English twin beds aren't as long as our
American sized twin beds. I had to hire a
welder to make the bed frames long enough to
hold American twin mattresses:( Live and learn....
Another classic in our home...another 'no whining' sign!
And loved the "Slow-Children at Play" sign
brought to us by a friend...
Priefert Manufacturing surprised us by making
this queen size bed with the "M" monogram in it!
They have been wonderful & giving friends
to say the least.
The antique trunk was purchased at a
neighbors estate sale...
Kids and adults alike have plenty of space upstairs
to watch TV, play card games, or just to relax.
SAFETY was a big factor here. Jack convinced
himself that the grand kids would eventually
try to jump out of these windows, so he had what looks like
'burglar bars' installed, to make it 'jump proof'...
And no one wants to disturb the sweet message
left on the old school's chalkboard by
The Taviano Family!

We had a room in our home before that we named
"The Maw-in-law" quarters. The room was detached
from the house and was a favorite of my parents
and Jack's parents for years.
Eventually,the grown kids and my brother and sister
grew to love that quiet place when they would
come visit, so there were times when they would
flip coins, beg, or make deals to stay there while they
were visiting.

So when we started to draw plans once again to
rebuild, we wanted a room somewhat like the
"Maw-in-law" quarters had been and that is how
the "Bonus Room" became a reality.
We learned very quickly that 'bonus room' didn't mean
the contractors are 'giving' you (ha) that space in your
home, but we tried to make the most of it
and incorporate a place for kids to play and also
a place that would sleep several.

The only (argument) discussion that comes into play
now concerning the 'bonus room' is when Tripp and his
family and my sister and her husband are here
at the same time.
Seriously, there is no arguing whatsoever, ever.....!
But the fact is...
BOTH of them WANT to be upstairs,
and so far since Tripp has 2 toddlers,
he's won out each time.

We'll see how things develop over the years, as I
suspect as these children get older they'll want
upstairs to themselves and they'll send all of the adults
downstairs. Stay tuned.....

Thanks to sweet Kelly, at Kelly's Korner,
for hosting ...

Hope you enjoy browsing nurseries
and kids rooms this week.

Blessings always,
Revelation 21:5

My soul finds rest in God alone;
my salvation comes from Him.
He alone is my rock
and my salvation;
He is my fortress,
I will never be shaken.
Psalm 62:1-2 NIV

Taking suggestions to heart

I apologize for the lack of clarity in this photo.
These 6 Senior Baseball Players are giving this
to their coach as a gift.
The signatures were written
on a plain white sheet of paper
(no lines please) using a Black Sharpie,
then scanned and emailed to me as an attachment.
They were then printed, scanned once again
and engraved on their tile.
The coach's name was engraved in the center of
Home Plate of this 12" x 12" Slate Tile.
This sample 12" x 6" Slate Tile shows
The Weaver Home
Established 1988 engraved inside the Christian Fish,
then Joshua 24:15 was engraved on the bottom.
A beautiful prayer for "Blended Families"
using 3 intertwined rings for the artwork on this
8" x 8" Porcelain Engraved Tile.
A 'thank you' for those Who Serve.
And we are so very grateful to those
who serve His name.
Shown on an 8" x 8" Porcelain Tile.
"Legend of the Hummingbird"
was engraved with hummingbird artwork
for a local garden recently built by a family
in loving memory of their son.
This was engraved
on an 8" x 16" Porcelain Tile.

There were so many great suggestions offered last weekend during the 3-2-1 giveaway and I appreciate each and every one of them more than you know.

One blogger asked to see something for 'Those Who Serve"; for Pastors and Clergy Members. Another asked to see more 'artwork' engraved on the tiles and yet another wanted to see actual signatures scanned, then engraved on tiles. One other great suggestion was to offer an engraved tile for "Blended Families" and there was a question/suggestion regarding whether or not a The _________ Home, a Christian Fish with the year of the wedding and Joshua 24:15 would fit well on a 12" x 6" tile.

These are just a few and I will continue to try to show more samples of items people asked to see.

And please go here to see if you won one of the 3 tiles offered in the 3-2-1 Giveaway. I've yet to hear from any of the winners and would really like to engrave their tiles for them!

Have a wonderfully blessed afternoon.
Blessings always,
Matthew 21:22
The eternal God is your refuge,
and underneath are the everlasting arms.
Deuteronomy 33:27 NIV

Happy Birthday Jack IV!

Our 'littlest" Jack, Jack IV turns 4 today!

While he'll be spending this birthday with an OU Sooner cast
on his leg, we're hoping he has a wonderfully blessed day.
He'll celebrate with the kids at Miss Janet's today
as she is always very sweet to give birthday parties to
the youngsters she keeps throughout the week.

They'll come to Texas tomorrow so he can
celebrate his BIG day with his Texas family!

We love you very much little Jack!

Jackpaw & KK

PS Wondering if him 'forever holding on' to
an American Flag while sleeping
is a subtle 'bribe' for KK to get out
and shop more for his special day...:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy at work!

It's that time of the school year so I've engraved
several gifts for special teachers!
...a newly designed 12 x 6 wedding tile engraved
for one of our retailers recently.
A special frame sent to Taylor & Tynan's "Nano"
last week...
...and an engraved tile for a
Soccer Coach in Virginia!

With Dad In Mind

Pray...that you may live a life worthy
of the Lord and may please Him in every way:
bearing fruit in every good work,
growing in the knowledge of God,
being strengthened with all power
according to His glorious might so that
you may have great endurance and patience,
and joyfully giving thanks to the
Colossians 1:10-12 NIV

Monday, May 25, 2009

Congratulations to 3 Winners!

Greetings from Mt. Pleasant, Texas
Flags proudly flying earlier today!

Sincere thanks for stopping by to enter once, twice or three times in our 3-2-1 Giveaway!

I appreciate all of your suggestions more than you know and hope to work on some new items that were suggested during the giveaway and also hope to be able to act on many suggestions made about the website.

I am happy to announce the winners and the 3's certainly took the day. chose 3 winners in the 300's!

1st Place Winner of an 8 x 16 Engraved Tile is: Liz @ A Happy Herman Home
2nd Place Winner of a 6 x 12 Engraved Tile is: Stephanie @ Meet The Newcombs
3rd Place Winner of an 8 x 8 Engraved Tile is: Emily @ Lots of Love for Lily

I am sad to say none of these winners left me their email address:( Winners please contact me at your earliest convenience once you've made your choice for 'your' winning engraved tile! Hopefully I'll hear from each of them within a week and if not, we'll re-draw using once again!

Pray each and every one had a wonderfully blessed Memorial Day weekend and once again congratulations to the winners and many thanks to each and every one who participated in the giveaway.

Blessings always and many sincere thanks again,
Matthew 21:22

Happy Birthday & Growing Babies!

She traveled yesterday with her husband
to Lewiston, Idaho, to watch her son's team (SPSU) play
in the NAIA World Series!
She is in awe of what they have seen since they've
been there, yet another beautiful area of our
Great Country.
The fast growth of Love & Truth has been a
sight to behold. Feathers everywhere and
looks as though they are almost ready to take flight!
We 'had' to add sparklers to the decorated
donuts the kids brought a few days ago
in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.
Here is Trace posing with his donuts.
And Katie's 'pose' with hers before
blowing the sparklers out!
Trent thought he was ready for the pool
but after jumping in he decided swimming could wait.
The cool water literally took his breath away.
And Zachary said the water was 'just right' but
stayed maybe 2 minutes and was ready for
some warmth from towels.

Our little Jack IV fell wrong on their trampoline
Saturday morning and broke his leg, so I'm sad
to say we'll celebrate his 4th birthday later this week
with him wearing a cast:( Poor thing.
His sister Ali kindly kissed his hand and told him,
"I hope that makes you feel better".

He must be handling this
very well since I received a video of him hitting
baseballs yesterday while sitting on a bucket.

Love the resilience of these kids.
We're 3 for 6 on breaks with these grand kids
and praying the remaining 3 who have been
fortunate to not have any broken bones will
continue to be careful and safe and stay out of the ER!

Happy Memorial Day!

Later today I'll post the 3 winners of the giveaway
so if you've not commented to enter,
please go here where you can have up
to 3 chances to WIN!

Blessings today and always,

Do not conform any longer
to the pattern of this world,

but be transformed by the
renewing of your mind.

Then you will be able to
rest and approve what God's will is-

his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:2 NIV

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Memorial Day Prayer

Gracious God,
on this Memorial Day weekend,
we remember and give thanks
for those who have given their lives
in the service of our country.
When the need was greatest,
they stepped forward and did their duty
to defend the freedoms that we enjoy,
and to win the same for others.
O God, you yourself have taught us
that no love is greater than that
which gives itself for another.
These honored dead gave the
most precious gift they had, life itself,
for loved ones and neighbors,
for comrades and country – and for us.
Help us to honor their memory
by caring for the family members
they have left behind,
by ensuring that their wounded comrades
are properly cared for,
by being watchful caretakers of the freedoms
for which they gave their lives,
and by demanding that
no other young men and women
follow them to a soldier’s grave
unless the reason is worthy and the cause is just.
Holy One, help us to remember
that freedom is not free.
There are times when its cost is,
indeed, dear.
Never let us forget those
who paid so terrible a price
to ensure that freedom would be our legacy.
Though their names may fade
with the passing of generations,
may we never forget what they have done.
Help us to be worthy of their sacrifice,
O God, help us to be worthy.
-With Gratitude and Honor:
Prayers for Memorial Day 2008,
was written by the Rev. John Gundlach,
Minister for Government Chaplaincies,
Parish Life and Leadership, UCC.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kelly's Tour...The Dining Room

Welcome once again to "Show us where you live Friday"
hosted by precious Kelly at Kelly's Korner.
"Give us this day our daily bread"
While we really do not have an area we call
"The Dining Room", this would be the closest thing to
having one in our home.
Instead we have one main area which includes
dining areas, the kitchen and a living area.
The iron stars in this hanging above the dining table
came out of a Danny White Restaurant in Dallas
that is no longer in business.
I showed a welder from Priefert Manufacturing
a picture of something similar to this and they
were kind enough to weld this together for me
and incorporate the stars on each corner.
We then added plate glass to the base so
decorative items could be added.
The hutch was another 'auction item'
we were fortunate enough to win!
The silver I've bought to replace what I
had before has come from local Estate Sales
so I know the families these pieces belonged to.
Have I ever mentioned how ridiculously sentimental
I am...oh, it's bad, but good at the same time.
This photo shows a portion of the fireplace
centered in the 'multi-purpose' room.
It has four sides so it is part of the dining area also.
"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord."
Matthew 21:9
Christy gave us this painted sign which I love!
And the iron horse name cut-outs were found
in an old barn by a friend.
I love this old angel found at a 'junk' store.
A fun find!
And the pewter "Give us this day our daily bread"
tray was a treasure to find, replacing one of
these I had before that belonged to my Mom.
I was happy to find and win the bidding war on Ebay
for this ornament since it signifies the year we
were married. Another 're-found' treasure! Rev. 21:5

Hope you enjoy visiting
all of the Dining Rooms this weekend
and please go here to enter our giveaway,
where you'll have up to three chances to win:)

Have a safe, fun and blessed Memorial Day weekend,

The strength that we claim from God's Word does
not depend on circumstances. Circumstances will
be difficult, but our strength will be sufficient.
" tremendous is the power available
to us who believe in God."
Ephesians 1:19 Phillips
In good times or in bad, You provide us
with the strength we need. It comforts
us to have such a reserve available
for our use, Father.

-Corrie ten Boom, Each New Day, May 24

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3-2-1 Giveaway

~Updated to Add~
Please - Please- Please
leave your email address when commenting!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Since we will be celebrating a 3 day weekend
Engraved Euniques is proud to be offering
a giveaway consisting of 3 items!
The tile above was engraved in loving memory
of Kayleigh Anne Freeman.
Kayleigh's precious family continues
to be in our thoughts and prayers.
This picture shows a collage of various tiles
engraved as end of the year teacher gifts.
And these leather bookmarks will be given to
Seniors when they are honored at our Church
later this month.
This was a tile engraved for a
high school graduate in Mississippi
who is fluent in Spanish, so we decided to add
a Spanish quote to the bottom of Miriam's gift.
This tile was engraved as a gift to a very special
local couple who just welcomed precious Bralyn to their family.
The Scripture was very appropriate knowing there
has been an abundance of prayer for this wonderful family.
Another Teacher Gift...the saying...oh so true!
With Father's Day quickly approaching I
thought I'd share a couple of Father's Day gift ideas.
& another idea for Father's Day.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Please go look around the Engraved Euniques website
then come back here to enter the giveaway
by commenting.
I'd love for your comments to be
suggestions of things you'd
like to see offered on my website.

And if you link to the giveaway in a blog post,
please come back here, offer another comment/
suggestion and you'll be entered twice!

And for a third entry, please either Twitter or
mention the giveaway link on Facebook,
then come back here to make your
3rd comment/suggestion.

We're definitely using a 'theme' here,
it is all about 3's!

Late Memorial Day afternoon
I'll be choosing 3 winners
through and
will immediately post the winners.
Please leave an email address
with your

This giveaway is open for U. S. Residents only.

And here is what is 'up for grabs':
Winner #1:
Choice of any 8" x 16" Tile
Winner #2:
Choice of any 6" x 12" Tile
Winner #3:
Choice of any 8" x 8" Tile
Of course any of these can be personalized.
Each winner will also be given an iron easel
for displaying their winning engraved tile!

Hope everyone has a safe, blessed and very
Happy Memorial Day weekend.
I for one am very thankful to live in such
a great Country.

Blessings today and always and
May God Bless The U. S. A.,
Matthew 21:22

And....please go here to enter another Memorial Day giveaway!
And...please go here to help a young boy who is in
desperate need of heart surgery.
And...please go here to offer prayer for a special friend,
her family and her friends. Marla will offer an
Engraved Euniques giveaway next week!

Great news...I was invited to yet another great giveaway via
this giveaways comments.
Please go here to enter at Indefinitely Definitely's blog
"The World Needs A Little More Cupcakes and Sunshine"!

P.S. Friendly reminder....leave email address please!
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