Thursday, May 28, 2009

With Kids In Mind

Mary Katherine was kind enough to give this
piece of cross stitch back
to me and I had it framed using
barn-wood for the kids room.
I've always loved this wonderful children's prayer
and at one time cross-stitched it and had it hanging
over the kids crib...
Jack cut several cedar beams and we used them
in this guest room/kids play room....
Some of my favorite 'kid' purchases at an
antique auction were the
rocking horse & the camel saddles.

A local gift shop went out of business while we were
rebuilding and it had once been a hardware store.
When they decided they'd sell their fixtures during
their close-out sale,
I bought several wood bins for toys and such.

More of the cedar Jack cut
was used for built-in bookshelves
on each side of the bed...
I won the bidding 'war' on these twin
beds at an auction, but little did I know
that English twin beds aren't as long as our
American sized twin beds. I had to hire a
welder to make the bed frames long enough to
hold American twin mattresses:( Live and learn....
Another classic in our home...another 'no whining' sign!
And loved the "Slow-Children at Play" sign
brought to us by a friend...
Priefert Manufacturing surprised us by making
this queen size bed with the "M" monogram in it!
They have been wonderful & giving friends
to say the least.
The antique trunk was purchased at a
neighbors estate sale...
Kids and adults alike have plenty of space upstairs
to watch TV, play card games, or just to relax.
SAFETY was a big factor here. Jack convinced
himself that the grand kids would eventually
try to jump out of these windows, so he had what looks like
'burglar bars' installed, to make it 'jump proof'...
And no one wants to disturb the sweet message
left on the old school's chalkboard by
The Taviano Family!

We had a room in our home before that we named
"The Maw-in-law" quarters. The room was detached
from the house and was a favorite of my parents
and Jack's parents for years.
Eventually,the grown kids and my brother and sister
grew to love that quiet place when they would
come visit, so there were times when they would
flip coins, beg, or make deals to stay there while they
were visiting.

So when we started to draw plans once again to
rebuild, we wanted a room somewhat like the
"Maw-in-law" quarters had been and that is how
the "Bonus Room" became a reality.
We learned very quickly that 'bonus room' didn't mean
the contractors are 'giving' you (ha) that space in your
home, but we tried to make the most of it
and incorporate a place for kids to play and also
a place that would sleep several.

The only (argument) discussion that comes into play
now concerning the 'bonus room' is when Tripp and his
family and my sister and her husband are here
at the same time.
Seriously, there is no arguing whatsoever, ever.....!
But the fact is...
BOTH of them WANT to be upstairs,
and so far since Tripp has 2 toddlers,
he's won out each time.

We'll see how things develop over the years, as I
suspect as these children get older they'll want
upstairs to themselves and they'll send all of the adults
downstairs. Stay tuned.....

Thanks to sweet Kelly, at Kelly's Korner,
for hosting ...

Hope you enjoy browsing nurseries
and kids rooms this week.

Blessings always,
Revelation 21:5

My soul finds rest in God alone;
my salvation comes from Him.
He alone is my rock
and my salvation;
He is my fortress,
I will never be shaken.
Psalm 62:1-2 NIV


Marla Taviano said...

That room is even more spectacular in person. LOVE it!!

Heather said...

This room is great!! I love the headboard!! It's awesome and I love the bookshelves too!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the room...Just blog hopping today and enjoyed reading your blog...

I am posting on our Disney trip so hope you will stop by.

Also, the June giveaway starts today...all comments left in June will be in the drawing for the "June Card Box"! You will have to go down a few posts to read about the monthly giveaway.

Happy Sunday!

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