Friday, May 15, 2009

Guest Room Tour at Kelly's Korner

It is that day once again,
"Show us where you live"
at sweet Kelly's Korner Blog.

Since we're empty-nester's each bedroom
we have besides our bedroom is really
a 'guest room'. I chose the one
that was clean enough to photograph!

This is what I call the 'red-white & blue' guest room.
Did I mention before I love our 'Grand Old Flag'?

We keep a newly started collection of
Boyd's Bears in this room
for the kids to play with.
Boyd's makes bears named 'Curly'
and since it is the same
pronunciation as my maiden name,
I am trying to find these in each size again!

A friend of ours who does
demolition work tore down a pool
deck in the Highland Park area of Dallas
and called to ask if we'd like to use the teak from
this torn down deck in our home
while we were re-building.
We told him yes and we used every piece
of this in various
rooms throughout our home.
We had it installed horizontally in this guest room
as a wainscot,
then added trim to the top and bottom of the teak.
A talented friend painted the 4
old metal ceiling tiles for me
using 4 different patterns and
painting them red-white & blue!

The zebra almost caused me to
have a heart attack years ago.
I came home from town and
my husband and a friend
had been to a furniture store
while I was gone, bought
the zebra, and had it sitting on
our bed when I opened our
bedroom door! It looked
REAL and scared me to death.

Years later Mary Katherine
borrowed it for her home and
after their move back to Mt. Pleasant,
and storing their furnishings
in our warehouse,
Jack saw it out there one day and decided
we needed it in our home once again!
Welcome home Mr. Zebra.
The framed American Flag
was drawn and colored
by Jack when he was a little boy.
This is a true 'treasure'.
The girls found this while going through things
at their Mom's when she was moving into
her new home last year.
This corner shows more
furnishings and accessories
we found at a nearby auction,
along with more red-white & blue!
I've also displayed some
family photos in this room.

And have I mentioned
my weakness for lamps?
The one on this chest of drawers
has been appropriately
named, 'the ugliest lamp'
I've found (so far)!

The large iron candle holder
standing in front of the
window was built by Priefert Manufacturing
here in Mt. Pleasant.
Two of their welders made all of
the metal railing around our porches
outside and I gave them a picture
one day of an iron candle holder
I wanted made.
When he brought it, he said,
"Mr. Priefert said if you like
it, it is yours."
Thanks again to the Priefert family
and Priefert Manufacturing
for all they have done for
our family the past 2+ years.
Showing more Patriotic pictures,
books and accessories
and another colored drawing by
Jack of an American Flag
when he was a little boy...
and yes....more lamps!
The grand kids love playing with 'floppy' the rabbit,
a Goodwill find while shopping for old-used
items for our home.

I purchased cotton American Flag
bunting and used these as toppers
for the windows in this room.
Do you recognize the guy in this picture?
My sister and I both had this autographed
picture framed in our homes
and after I lost mine she brought many photos
from her home for me to copy.

The guy is Roger Staubach, who was
nice enough to speak at a softball
clinic I arranged with several
Olympic Softball Players
in 1996.
My sister drove from Mississippi to surprise me
during the clinic which was held in Garland.
Great memories...great times....
back when we were much younger!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you
enjoy the guest room tours
hosted by Kelly's Korner.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend,
Rev. 21:3-5


Cortni said...

I love it!! My dining room is decorated in red, white and blue!

Rachel said...

How patriotic!

I love the trim work!

Melissa Miller said...

What a gorgeous guest room!
I just love the high ceilings and all the decorator touches.

~Wonderful job! :)

Maridith said...

What a guest room. Love the high ceilings and the theme!! Very very cozy!! Very nice!!

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