Monday, May 25, 2009

Congratulations to 3 Winners!

Greetings from Mt. Pleasant, Texas
Flags proudly flying earlier today!

Sincere thanks for stopping by to enter once, twice or three times in our 3-2-1 Giveaway!

I appreciate all of your suggestions more than you know and hope to work on some new items that were suggested during the giveaway and also hope to be able to act on many suggestions made about the website.

I am happy to announce the winners and the 3's certainly took the day. chose 3 winners in the 300's!

1st Place Winner of an 8 x 16 Engraved Tile is: Liz @ A Happy Herman Home
2nd Place Winner of a 6 x 12 Engraved Tile is: Stephanie @ Meet The Newcombs
3rd Place Winner of an 8 x 8 Engraved Tile is: Emily @ Lots of Love for Lily

I am sad to say none of these winners left me their email address:( Winners please contact me at your earliest convenience once you've made your choice for 'your' winning engraved tile! Hopefully I'll hear from each of them within a week and if not, we'll re-draw using once again!

Pray each and every one had a wonderfully blessed Memorial Day weekend and once again congratulations to the winners and many thanks to each and every one who participated in the giveaway.

Blessings always and many sincere thanks again,
Matthew 21:22


McFarland Family said...

Oh man..wish it was me. How long will it take to get a tile once they are ordered

Miss Anne said...

big CONGRATS to the winners! how lucky are they! :)

congrats! and happiest memorial day to you and yours!


Jennifer said...

Mt. Pleasant is a beautiful small town! I worked for Pilgrims Pride for several years and have been to your town for meetings at the Corporate office. You live in a beautiful area!

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