Friday, May 15, 2009

Yeah & Good Luck

We are proud to announce we have 2 baby doves,
one born late yesterday afternoon and another born during
the night last night.
Faith & Hope seem to be doing well
and taking great care of their new little ones.

Trace once mentioned we needed to name the first
baby dove "Love", so that is what we'll do, and
now we'll wait for the grandkids to give
me ideas on names for the 2nd baby.
Some of Trent's suggestions earlier this
week were Jett or Jesse, neither of which follow the 'flow'
of names we started with, so we'll name him/her later!

Other VERY LATE and exciting news last night:
My favorite (only:)) nephew and his team won their
Regional NAIA Tournament!
They will now travel to Idaho,
to Lewis & Clark State University to compete in the
NAIA National Baseball Tournament
Yeah Southern Polytechnic State University
and best of luck in the National Tournament.

And best of luck to all of the family coaches
and competitors during this upcoming weekend:
Coach MacKay and OU Softball will be playing their
Regional Tournament in Norman, OK while
Coach Fleming and the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Community College Softball Team will
be playing in their National Tournament in
Bloomington, Illinois.
Mary Katherine will be competing in the
5K Run, Walk or Crawl held locally
tomorrow morning.

Good luck!

Blessings to everyone for a wonderful weekend,
Matthew 21:22

"Just as each of us has one body with many members,
and these members do not all have the same function,
so in Christ we who are many form one body,
and each member belongs to all the others.
We have different gifts,
according to the grace given us."
Romans 12:4-6 NIV


Marla Taviano said...

HOORAY!!! I can't wait to tell Livi and Ava!!

The Milams said...

I am STILL undecided on tomorrow morning... should I run, or should I not?

Marla Taviano said...

Livi, Ava, and Nina are ooohing and aaaahing over the babies.

They suggest Grace, Peace, Joy, or Trust. :)

I like Trust. :)

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