Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday & Growing Babies!

She traveled yesterday with her husband
to Lewiston, Idaho, to watch her son's team (SPSU) play
in the NAIA World Series!
She is in awe of what they have seen since they've
been there, yet another beautiful area of our
Great Country.
The fast growth of Love & Truth has been a
sight to behold. Feathers everywhere and
looks as though they are almost ready to take flight!
We 'had' to add sparklers to the decorated
donuts the kids brought a few days ago
in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.
Here is Trace posing with his donuts.
And Katie's 'pose' with hers before
blowing the sparklers out!
Trent thought he was ready for the pool
but after jumping in he decided swimming could wait.
The cool water literally took his breath away.
And Zachary said the water was 'just right' but
stayed maybe 2 minutes and was ready for
some warmth from towels.

Our little Jack IV fell wrong on their trampoline
Saturday morning and broke his leg, so I'm sad
to say we'll celebrate his 4th birthday later this week
with him wearing a cast:( Poor thing.
His sister Ali kindly kissed his hand and told him,
"I hope that makes you feel better".

He must be handling this
very well since I received a video of him hitting
baseballs yesterday while sitting on a bucket.

Love the resilience of these kids.
We're 3 for 6 on breaks with these grand kids
and praying the remaining 3 who have been
fortunate to not have any broken bones will
continue to be careful and safe and stay out of the ER!

Happy Memorial Day!

Later today I'll post the 3 winners of the giveaway
so if you've not commented to enter,
please go here where you can have up
to 3 chances to WIN!

Blessings today and always,

Do not conform any longer
to the pattern of this world,

but be transformed by the
renewing of your mind.

Then you will be able to
rest and approve what God's will is-

his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:2 NIV

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Great cake and cookies, Kaye!!!

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