Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

This is Mary Katherine secretly logging into KK's blog to wish her a Happy Birthday!!! (I know her passwords because I started this blog for her and she has no idea how to change them!) :)

Please leave a comment for the most thoughtful and kind person that I know wishing her a very happy day. She deserves a perfect day!

Happy Birthday to you, Kaye, from the boys and I. We hope that your day is filled with all things happy and that you enjoy being surrounded by those who love you most. The cake is in the oven and we look forward to celebrating with you today!!! We love you!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

We celebrated Jack & Christy's birthdays last week so I decided to take this opportunity to show a photo of Jack's birthday gift he received from his children!

We now have our very first ever 'blow up - Christmas decor - yard art'! So far the wind hasn't taken it in flight. We'll see what the next week or so brings since it has been very cold and windy here and at times the helicopter has looked as though it was literally 'taking off'!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderfully safe, joyful & blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Blessings always,

May all that HE is come alive in your heart...

"GOD exalted HIM to the highest place and gave
HIM the name that is above every name."
Philippians 2:9 NIV

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Christy!

Please go here to wish Christy the happiest of birthdays!

Here's to you Christy and hoping it has been a wonderfully blessed day! With next year being a BIG one you'll have to keep us posted on your 'new thing every day for a year' plan.

Hopefully next year you'll be finished with your shopping so us girls 'can' start a new tradition of cooking together on your big day and us treating you to a 'birthday lunch'.

Enjoy the 30's while you can....

Sincere best wishes for you, today and every day.

Philemon 1:4

Friday, December 12, 2008

BooMama's Christmas Tour Of Homes


I really am going to give it my best shot to join in on BooMama's Christmas Tour Of Homes this year.
We'll see if I can follow the directions and get this done by Monday!
Join in if you can. Sounds like fun!
Blessings to all for a wonderful weekend,

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally...A "Professional Photo" Of My Work!

A very sweet customer had this professional photograph taken of her 'family tile' during her child's Christmas card photo shoot. Maybe one day I'll be able to take photos of my work like this!

Thanks so much Laura for sharing this picture. I appreciate you more than you know and I'm also thankful you were pleased with your family tile.

Somehow I knew when I initially spoke to you, you wouldn't be able to 'save' the tile as a surprise for your husband as a Christmas gift! To read the story, click here!

A portion of sales from tiles like Laura's are given to The Hope Clinic to honor the memory of precious Audrey Caroline Smith.

Have a wonderfully blessed week,
Matthew 21:22

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trent says NO to sharing his toy gun!

Before Trent would settle down to an after Thanksgiving nap he found his toy gun & pacifier to insure no one else could play with either while he slept the afternoon away!

I am praying for this little one as he will be sedated tomorrow morning to have dental work done.
  • Praying for his Dr. and the nurses.
  • Praying for his parents' peace of mind.
  • Praying for all to go well and for rest & healing after the procedure.

I love you Trent,

One of the Grand's I Miss Seeing Regularly

Jack, IV was showing out with Winter hat and gloves one night and I took the opportunity to photograph him.

Sorry to say I didn't do well over the Thanksgiving Holidays taking pictures of the family. Sure hope I can do a better job of this during December!

We still haven't figured out where Little Jack found the "Happy Easter" sticker he has on his P. J.'s!

The old saying, "everything that goes around, comes around" is true for our 4 "Jack's". Jack, Jr.'s nickname when he was young was "Jackie". Now Ali, Jack, IV's sister calls her little brother "Jackie"!

I can't help but share some of his ways!

This is Zachary's 'big catch' while he and his Uncle David went fishing during the Thanksgiving Holidays. Not sure how Zachary 'really' felt about having his hand in the fish's mouth.

Afterwards they cooked us a great dinner complete with fish, 'real' Mississippi hush puppies, deer steak and all of the trimmings.
Zachary tells me he owns the tile business and I work for him. He is absolutely enthralled with the epoxy glue gun I use to place the zig-zag hangers on the back of the engraved tiles. Each time he is here to tell me what to do (since he is 'the boss'), he plays with my glue guns and is very frustrated that I will not allow him to use these (yet).

A couple of weeks ago, while he had me hard at work, in an effort to sway his attention to something else besides the glue gun, I told him to draw a picture for me, then I'd scan and engrave it just for him.

The above photo shows his drawing engraved for his little brother Trent for Christmas. It is a coaster but of course he wanted a hanger glued to the back so Trent could hang it on his wall. I'm sure their Mom will love this new wall decor in their home!

And, my boss Zachary called me last night on his own. We're still not sure why, since normally he has a specific question to ask, but not last night. When it sounded as though his voice was fading, I asked, "Zachary, are you going to hang up now?" He said, "KK, did you have anything else to say." He is too funny! I wanted to tell him, "you called me", but rather than saying anything more, I told him I loved him and good-night.

Enjoy these grand kids so very much and I am very grateful to have 4 of them close by!


Mommies With Hope

Please go here & here to learn more about this wonderful organization. It is their prayer to one day have a location in every state.

I hope to work with this special group of ladies soon in creating their own engraved tile.

Blessings today and always,
Psalm 46:10

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Give and Possibly Win A Great Package!

Click here to learn all about it! A wonderful camera package FULL of goodies, and a great opportunity to give to help others.

Thanks for looking, best of luck and thanks for helping a wonderful cause.

Blessings today and always,

Monday, December 1, 2008

Want to win a $500 Wal-Mart Gift Card?

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P. S. This offer does not include Christy:)
Just kidding!
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