Thursday, December 4, 2008

I can't help but share some of his ways!

This is Zachary's 'big catch' while he and his Uncle David went fishing during the Thanksgiving Holidays. Not sure how Zachary 'really' felt about having his hand in the fish's mouth.

Afterwards they cooked us a great dinner complete with fish, 'real' Mississippi hush puppies, deer steak and all of the trimmings.
Zachary tells me he owns the tile business and I work for him. He is absolutely enthralled with the epoxy glue gun I use to place the zig-zag hangers on the back of the engraved tiles. Each time he is here to tell me what to do (since he is 'the boss'), he plays with my glue guns and is very frustrated that I will not allow him to use these (yet).

A couple of weeks ago, while he had me hard at work, in an effort to sway his attention to something else besides the glue gun, I told him to draw a picture for me, then I'd scan and engrave it just for him.

The above photo shows his drawing engraved for his little brother Trent for Christmas. It is a coaster but of course he wanted a hanger glued to the back so Trent could hang it on his wall. I'm sure their Mom will love this new wall decor in their home!

And, my boss Zachary called me last night on his own. We're still not sure why, since normally he has a specific question to ask, but not last night. When it sounded as though his voice was fading, I asked, "Zachary, are you going to hang up now?" He said, "KK, did you have anything else to say." He is too funny! I wanted to tell him, "you called me", but rather than saying anything more, I told him I loved him and good-night.

Enjoy these grand kids so very much and I am very grateful to have 4 of them close by!


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The Garners said...

Oh this is so cute! I love the phone conversation too!

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