Monday, May 11, 2009

The Living Room

Welcome to our Living Room!
In my previous post on Kelly's Home Tours
I mentioned that so many of our furnishings and
accessories were purchased at an Antique Auction
in Sulphur Springs, Texas.
Jack had the idea of bidding on this baby grand piano
for us to use as a coffee table. We had a friend cut the
legs off, put the casters back on, then had our painters
refinish the piano like they painted our cabinetry.
Basically that entailed painting, sanding,
beating with a chain, then sanding some more
for some of the original black paint to be exposed once again.
The grand kids love to pound on the keys,
since the piano remains
usable although not tuned 'at all'!
The photo below shows the living room area,
complete with lots of "junk" bought at the auction in
'box lots'!
Showing more red-white-& blue.
I do love showing patriotism, always have...always will.
And showing a pottery jug I had our friend, "Larry the light guy",
convert into a lamp. Years ago, my Mom and I both collected
Rowe Pottery and I continue to search and
replace some pieces when I find them.
And showing another angle of the piano converted to our
coffee table.
Also to the right in this picture you'll see a
camel saddle we found at
the auction, that we now use as a foot stool.
In all honesty, we really haven't used this room very much
since moving into our home. Jack has a 'TV room' that was far
too messy to photograph, so he spends most of his time in there,
reading and watching TV.
And as I mentioned in the "Kitchen Post" last week,
the majority of our time is spent in the kitchen area.
Our wood burning fireplace is open on 4 sides in this room which is a
welcome addition during the winter months.
Jack engineered the fireplace, complete with blowers,
so it is used as a main source of heat.
It has proven itself to help with utility costs
during the cold months and
we have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sorry this is very 'late' but wanted to continue
supporting Kelly's home tours,
as she is one of the sweetest
bloggers in the entire blogosphere:)

Blessings to each of you today and always,
Matthew 21:22
Revelation 21:5


Marla Taviano said...

Beautiful, Kaye! Next time we visit, I want to pound on the piano keys!

Helen Joy said...

What a beautiful living room! The piano is so fun! Thanks for sharing!

Carri said...

The piano coffee table is the COOLEST COOLEST idea! Great space! Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Kaye, I love your living room, I bet I would love your whole house!! It is so pretty and I love your display of plates on the wall!!

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