Tuesday, June 2, 2009

As promised..winners & more giveaways!

The original winners from our 3-2-1- Giveaway were announced on Memorial Day and in the 'winners' post I wrote if after one week I didn't hear from the winners I'd re-draw new ones.

I couldn't let this go without giving others an opportunity since I am very thankful for each and every comment/suggestion left during the Memorial Day Weekend.

.....so after over a week of not hearing from any of the original winners, we're trusting random.org to choose winners who'll actually be just that, winners!

Here goes:

1st Place Winner of an 8 x 16 Engraved Tile is: Becky @ fivemockingbirds.blogspot.com
2nd Place Winner of a 6 x 12 Engraved Tile is: gotgrits@blogspot.com
3rd Place Winner of an 8 x 8 Engraved Tile is: Cortni @ bagbybunch.blogspot.com

Hopefully each of you will contact me to let me know what you'd like engraved 'just for you'!

And there are other giveaways currently going on that I'd like you to be aware of:

Please go here to enter at Marla Taviano's great blog. Besides entering to win a free engraved tile, you'll be sure to want to read Marla's wonderful posts daily!

Or go here to enter at You and Me Plus Three's sweet blog. Like so many of you, I've prayed for Baby Bentley as she underwent heart surgery and afterwards I felt led to try to help their family. After contacting Crystal to let her know I wanted to try to do something to help, we decided for her to make the announcement and giveaway an engraved tile at the same time.

There have been many answered prayers on behalf of their precious family and I continue to pray for complete healing for Baby Bentley and hopefully you'll do the same. If you don't currently follow their 'story', I'm sure it will be another blog you'll want to read on a daily basis.

Congratulations to our newly announced winners and best of luck in the ongoing giveaways.

Blessings today and always,
Matthew 21:22
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble,
whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable-
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-
think about such things.
Philippians 4:8 NIV


Cortni said...

YAYAYAYAYAY I won!! I am so happy! I just stopped by really quick to read your blog, but I will be back in a little bit to let you know what I want it to say!!



Cortni said...

Okay, I'm back! Do you want me to email you the info? My email is TheBagbyBunchBlog@yahoo.com

Just let me know and thanks again!

Cheryl said...


well it's cool, but it's not a SELAH t-shirt!! Ha! I seriously have tried to find you one..Angie said they only sell them at concerts......oh well, I'll just have to go to another concert!!!

Cortni said...

I just got my tile in the mail and it is GORGEOUS!!!! I cannot believe how quickly you got it to me!

I ordered a book on Amazon like 2 weeks ago and I thought that's what it was, but I was soooo happy it was the tile instead!!

Thanks so much!! I will blog about it later this afternoon...this was the best prize EVER!!

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