Friday, June 12, 2009

3 Day Giveaway

A Grillin' new product and a giveaway!!
The wood box measures 20" long x 9" wide & x 2" depth.
The top cover slides out to reveal.....
....3 grillin' utensils: stainless steel fork, tongs and spatula...
...all of which are engraveable... your choice of wording, name(s), Scripture,
artwork......basically whatever you'd like engraved
on this great personalized 'grillin' set'!

This prize retails for $49.95 plus s/h and tax
if applicable and I hope to have this new gift set
added to the website ASAP.

Here's how to enter the'll have up to
FOUR chances to win so enter away!

1. Tell me what you'd like 'your set' to say.
2. Blog about the giveaway.
3. Twitter or Facebook about the giveaway.
4. Enter 'my button' on your blog.
(if my button is already on your blog please
comment to tell me so for chance #4)

In other words...

Please comment for 1st chance on what you'd
like to see engraved on your set.
Then come back to comment after doing #2,
the same with #3 and #4.
That will enter you 4 times in the giveaway!
4 comments = 4 chances

In other words.....

Comment each time (up to 4 times) to
let me know you've done the above...
and on Sunday evening, using
a WINNER will be chosen! am I:)

And if you'll be so kind
PLEASE leave your email address
while commenting each time.
The WINNER will be much easier to contact
so this can be engraved & shipped
early next week.
Hopefully one of these free gift sets will be
in some one's special hands
as a great Father's Day gift!

Thanks so much...
& enjoy a most blessed weekend,
Matthew 21:22


In His Army said...

I added your button to our blog. I would want it to say Mario's Grillin' gear and maybe have Joshua 24:15 (just the reference not the entire scripture) engraved in smaller lettering on the box??
I love it! Mario is trying to take up grilling. I got him a nice grill for our anniversary last year and we are trying to grill out more!

You have a great weekend too!

Janet Lea said...

I would like to have Diddy's Grillin' Gear. And I've added the link to FB. Will be back when I do the other 2.

Very cute stuff you have!!

Janet Lea said...

I forgot my email address...janetleacreations [!at]

I have posted a blog and button, too!!


Gene and Annie said...

If I got it for my husband, it would say Daddy's Grillin' gear and if i got it for my dad it would say Dad's Grillin' gear! A scripture would be cool to put on it too like someone else said! Thanks so much for the chance to win! What a great idea!

its so very cheri said...

I blogged about it on

Thank you for the opportunity

its so very cheri said...

I also put this on my facebook

its so very cheri said...

I also added your button to my blog

its so very cheri said...

Ken's Grillin' Gear
"The fire and wood are here," Isaac said, "but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?" Gen.22:7b

Thank you for the opportunity to enter 4 times. I will check back often. Check out my new blog I just had a give away end but will be doing another one soon.


Tina said...

If I win the giveaway, I would like mine to say Bobby's Grillin' Gear. This would make a GREAT fathers day gift from the kids!!

NeeNee said...

I would want the box to say 'Steve's Grillin' Gear' and the utensils to say 'Steve' on them.


If I win~ Daddy's Grillin' Gear.


have your button~



Cortni said...

I hope it's not too late, but I'm gonna try anyways!!

If I win I would like the set to say "Aaron's Grillin' Gear"

Cortni said...

Okay...blogged about it!!

Cortni said...


Cortni said...

Button added to my right sidebar!!

How do you make a button anyways? I can't figure it out!! Thanks

Diana said...

This is very hard... don't know if I would want my dad's name, my father-in-law's name or my husband's name on them. Hmm....

It would either say -
Bill's Grillin' Gear
John's Grillin' Gear
(My hubby and fil have the same name.)

Jennifer said...

I don't know if I'm allowed to enter, but that is such a cool gift idea!!! I would want it for my daddy and would have it say "Daddy's Grillin' Gear". I love what you come up with- God's really blessed your creative juices! :-)

Jennifer said...

just posted your link on facebook. :-)

Marla Taviano said...

I'm not sure what I'd want it to say, but I'd probably get it for my dad or Gabe's. We're never home long enough to grill. :)

mama.laughead said...

I saw this link on facebook. My husband just started grilling this summer. I would just like his name on it: Mike Laughead. Thanks.

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