Monday, June 8, 2009

Gifts & Such

It is 'the season' of many weddings
and these are sets of coasters and 6" x 6"
personalized tiles for a couple of couples...
...this tile is packed and ready for shipment
to Germany, for a family who has been hosting
an exchange student...
What to do..when your hairdresser's son
is getting married,
not knowing him or the bride very well,
and wanting to help 'her',
our friend on this big day?

Several of our hairdresser's customers
are hosting a luncheon for the
'guys in the wedding party'
on the afternoon of the wedding, then taking
the Mother of the Groom lunch, since she'll be busy
that day too, styling hair.....

These leather coasters will be given to the 'guys'
at their luncheon on Zane's big day.
...a belated Mother's Day gift engraved for a
sweet customer...
The University of Washington Softball Team
won the Division I NCAA Softball Championship
last week!
Years ago we were shipping equipment to UW's
Heather Tarr, who is now the head coach,
and who at the time was one of the great Husky players
under Head Coach Teresa Wilson.
Congratulations Lady Huskies on a great season!

For the kingdom of God is not a
matter of eating and drinking,
but of righteousness, peace and joy
in the Holy Spirit,
because anyone who serves Christ in this way is
pleasing to God and approved by men.
Let us therefore make
every effort to do what leads
to peace and to mutual edification.
Romans 14:17-19 NIV

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kaye, look how busy you've been! That's great.

On drying hydrangeas, I did a post about that last year. The secret is to keep them on the plant until the petals of the flowers start feeling a little papery. If you pick them too early, they will just wilt so wait until the end of the growing season to dry them.

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