Thursday, June 25, 2009

First time for everything!

Our neighbors & friends, Larry & Rhonda have a
small vegetable garden and are very kind to share
their delicious fresh produce with us each Summer.

They mentioned last week they didn't know
what they were going to do with all of the cucumbers
their garden was producing so I started searching
for a pickle recipe that I thought 'maybe' I could
tackle since this would be my
1st canning experience EVER!

I found a recipe here, then it was off to the
store to buy canning jars and the
other ingredients necessary to TRY my hand
at canning.....
Here are the results!
Not sure how long we have to wait to taste
these Bread & Butter pickles,
but hopefully they'll be enjoyable
and since I have lots of empty jars left
I'm ready to make another batch when more
cucumbers become available!

Next I want to try these
when time allows!

Thanks Tina
for your great canning recipes
and thanks also for the 'canning tutorial'.

You've inspired me to start
a new hobby that I remember my
Grandmother and Mother enjoying
through the years.

Have a wonderfully blessed day,
Matthew 21:22

Let your conversation be gracious
and effective so that you will
have the right answer for everyone.
Colossians 4:6 NLT


Mommy's Kitchen said...

You did a awesome job! Yeah you!!!!!!!!!! Canning is so much fun and easier than you thought. You will be on a canning freenzy now LOL. The peach preserves are the easiest to make and dirt cheap for the ingredients. I gave them out at Christmas time and everyone raved. My grandmother on my husbands side wrote to me to get the recipe Score!!! I was so proud and she is a avid canner. Apple butter is easy as well especially the crock pot version. You have made my day another canner BORN good for you.

The Milams said...

We'll be having pickles for every occasion for the next 2 years! I remember once when your garden of zucchini did VERY WELL and we ate more zucchini than I thought possible.

Cortni said...

That's awesome!! I don't know how to can but my grandma just arrived a couple of days ago to spend the summer here and I asked her to bring her recipes so she can teach me and my girls how to can. So excited!! Thanks for posting this!

Cheryl said...

good job! My SIL Tara from Cooking from Scratch has some great canning stuff too!

In His Army said...

That's great!!!! yum, yum! Let us know how they taste when you get to try them!

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