Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kelly's Tour...Master Bedroom

This is where we rest...
...and our master bedroom is located where it is
solely because of this view out our back window...
...this piece of engraved tile has been glued
back together.
It was found by a dear friend of mine, Kay,
the morning after we lost our home.
She brought this to me
in pieces and I remember thinking His word
would be what, if anything, could get us through such
a disaster. It has since that day been beside my bed.
Before it was on an easel in my kitchen window and
I'd engraved this entire Scripture on a tile as a constant
reminder to myself and others to 'Be Still.....'
...a very precious 'piece' from our former home...
...we really enjoy the openness of this beaded ceiling...
...Maddie, our adopted Grand-Dog
and I share this side of the bedroom..
...and Jack opted to be closer to the 'boys' room...
..showing numerous photos of the kids and grandkids
on more of the furnishings we found at the
antique auction...
...and two Antique prints I was thrilled
to bid on and win at the auction...
...both properties we've owned in Texas
were formerly owned
by a Texas Oil & Ranch family, The Stephenson's.

This same family owned an old
downtown hotel named 'The Stephenson Hotel"
which operated here for numerous years and later
was demolished to add parking spaces downtown.

Several years ago I was in an antique store in
Mt. Vernon, Texas and saw this light fixture.
The store owner told me it came out of the
Old Stephenson Hotel and I thought for 'history'
sake surely it could be used somewhere
in our home, and at $25.00 I couldn't pass it up.

I brought it home and placed it under a table in
the shop and had never used it in our home.
While rebuilding we decided we'd use it
in our bedroom.
Jack says it is the ugliest fixture he's ever seen..
but I love it and am very proud to still have it.
...various pictures, some new & some old.
The old ones of course, cherished photo memories
we never thought we'd see again...
...hard to describe how thankful I was the day
Mary Katherine called to tell me she found some
surprises at her Mom's...this picture of her from our
wedding day had always been a fixture beside my bed,
and now it is there once again.
....HE restores....
...and even though we seldom use it, we have a TV in
the armoire in our bedroom...and rocking chairs
just in case there is ever some 'down' time.....

...and the large carved chest at the foot
of the bed is a great
place for extra pillows at night....

Night...hope you enjoy sweet
Kelly's Tours this week...
Blessings always,

We may boldly say:
"The Lord is my helper; I will not fear.
What can man do to me?"
Hebrews 13:6


Marla Taviano said...

Beautiful, Kaye. Just beautiful. Love the blue!

His Doorkeeper said...

Kaye, Your bedroom is just heavenly! In fact, your ceiling looks like it is in the heavens! So beautiful!! I love all your antique pieces too! Thanks for letting us take a peek!


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