Friday, June 5, 2009

The Office

To be very honest,
hidden behind the roll top is quite a mess;
the computer, paperwork 'undone', and lists of
things saying, do this, do that.....
but wanted to show the office in the best light
possible, then realized it was too early in the AM
to be taking these pictures:(
Hopefully these will suffice!

We found the desk at the auction we frequented
for several months and it is a wonderful reminder
of my Dad's roll top desk we once had.

The "Love You More" sign was recently given to
me by a very special friend. She and I end
every visit, phone call, email or note with that being said,
and of course I add to that by saying,
"because I'm bigger".
She and I argue in fun back and forth
about the added portion of the quote:)

The small print on the shelving was found at a
garage sale. I was so excited to find this, as it was
one more item my Mom had in her home that I inherited
and was lost in the fire.

After many months of trying to think of ways to locate
a wedding picture of Jack & I, someone asked,
"Was it in a newspaper, and if so, where" I
immediately called the newspapers our wedding
write-up was in and a very sweet lady who works at
The Prentiss Headlight, in Prentiss, Mississippi
(Have I ever said how grateful I am to be a Mississippi Girl?)
went into their (very old) archives and
found the article and picture. Words could never
describe what it meant to us to have this photo
once again. I have one framed in the office and in
our bedroom and of course an extra copy in the safe.

The weakness I have for lamps is evident
in our office also.

I also chose another old hanging fixture for
over the desk from the 1970's era. We were
fortunate to buy several old light fixtures from a
plumbing business that went out of business during
our rebuilding process. The old newspapers used for
packaging in the boxes are dated late 60's to early 70's!
The horse prints caught my eye at the auction because
each of them show an American Flag on the barns!

At one time we owned two Percheron Horses, and
soon after we bought these wonderful 'Gentle Giants'
we bought bells for them to wear around their necks
especially during the Christmas holidays.
I had both pair hanging on the foyer doors in our
previous home lost in a fire in 2005.

When the kids sifted through the ruins they found
several of the bells and Jack took them to a
local leather man
(not sure that is the proper way to describe him?)
and he determined we had
enough to make one strand of bells once again.
I L.O.V.E. these bells and am very thankful
to have this 'restored' set once again!
We still have one Percheron, Big Jesse,
so having one set once again is perfect.
I keep paper, folders, etc. in this armoire
we bought at the auction.
It is a great piece for storage in the office.
Some words of encouragement
hanging around in the office...
And more of the teak wood we used as a wainscot
in different rooms throughout the house.

I have A LOT of decorating work left to do in this room!
But it seems for now real work is winning out
over decorating...which is a blessing
and I am very thankful.

HE restores.....
and I am very grateful.

Thanks once again to precious Kelly
at Kelly's Korner for hosting

Enjoy looking around at
every ones offices this week!
I will be sure to browse since I
am in desperate need of help in here.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend,
Revelation 21:3-5


Marla Taviano said...

I need to see a close-up of your wedding picture please. ;)

Angie Seaman said...

Great office Kaye. Hope all is well with you and yours. Enjoy your weekend.
PS...Thanks for the compliments on my pictures on my blog yesterday. I really appreciate it! :)

Blessings, Angie Seaman

Jennifer said...

Hi! Came by from Marla's site. I've checked out your other website several times (and won Marla's giveaway!!!) but had never stopped by this site. So I figured I should come say hi. :-)

It was great fun checking out your office. And I agree with Marla, we want to see a close up of the wedding picture.

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