Monday, November 17, 2008

Saturday "Day" Date With Trace

Every year our accountants send an invitation to their customers for a free movie, drinks and popcorn. I have not ever taken them up on this offer since it is a 'kids' movie they rent the theater to show their customers, but this year a friend of mine called and asked if I would meet her there with one of our Grandchildren and she was going to take one of hers. I said 'yes' in hopes I could find one of the grand kids with 'no plans' for the day.

Trace was my "date" for the day and we really enjoyed our time together and the movie Madagascar Escape 2 Africa! If you haven't taken your children to see this, please do!

Trace was the ultimate gentleman, taking good care of me and also the other two little ones with us, Zachry Moore and Cross DiMaggio.

This will definitely become a tradition when I can find a little one with a 'free' day to go with me. We had a wonderful time together at the movie, then back here at home 'playing'.
Thanks Trace for being so very kind and considerate and ushering me to the movie!
Sorry we didn't get any pictures of our day together:( Hopefully next year I'll be more prepared.

Thanks Penny for calling to encourage us to go to the 'free day' at the movies and thanks Arnold, Walker & Arnold & Company for a wonderful treat!

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The McKaughan's said...

I'm glad he was such a gentleman! He said the movie was AWESOME!!!

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