Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary Katherine!

Have FUN & enjoy your special day!
Philemon 1:4

I've been jotting down 32 things that I feel make
you very special in our lives. Here goes...
  1. Your love for Jesus
  2. Your love & respect for your husband
  3. Your love for your precious boys; thanks for 'yielding' to them when they decide KK needs to see them:)
  4. Your love for your family
  5. Your love for your friends
  6. Your quick wit and humor
  7. You are trusting and trustworthy
  8. Your determination to stay in shape as we are proud of the 5K medals you've won. I feel as though there will be many more to come..keep up the great work!
  9. We agree to disagree-you say 'carmel', I say 'caramel'...
  10. Thanks for starting a blog for me (after Brandon suggested it:)
  11. Thanks for sharing ideas for new products
  12. Thanks for forgiveness that I'm not 'text' savvy
  13. You took me for my first pedi this year, yes you gave me a hard time for wearing the wrong shoes, but oh well!
  14. Thanks for your forgiveness for the 'old timey' step-monster I am
  15. Loved sharing baby mode x2, even though we DID NOT master eat, sleep & REST!
  16. Loved sharing 'wedding mode'!
  17. Love sharing our old music favorites; Amy Grant, name a few
  18. Love sharing our addiction to Rainbath
  19. Love sharing lives....have we ever finished a 'talk'?
  20. So thankful you moved back 'home'
  21. Thankful you share new recipes
  22. Thankful for your Presidency of FEMA during our desperate time of need
  23. Thankful for what you've done to help restore belongings, especially treasured photographs.
  24. Proud of your hard work and dedication in helping start and continuing The Cancer Crusade. WOW you girls have done a GREAT JOB!
  25. Thanks for bringing sweet tea from time to time from Herschel's or Chicken Express...LOVE IT!
  26. Thanks for surprising me with 'piccolos' or that is what we called 'fried pickles' back in the day. Appreciate you thinking of me with a sweet (sour) surprise along with a kind note. Made. My. Day.
  27. Thanks for stopping by (for no reason really)...but your keen sense of knowing I was struggling through a BAD day...just to be here.
  28. Thanks for introducing me to Prada perfume, still L.O.V.E. it!
  29. Thanks for being there with us during loss.
  30. Thanks for introducing me to an IPOD..still LOVE it, along with all of the music you loaded on it for me!
  31. Thanks for telling me what you'd really like to have one day; your blog published into a book, so I could see a smile on your face when you opened your gifts! Love sharing 'joy' with you.
  32. Thanks for buying me cool gifts; so cool that you have to try them out before wrapping them to give them to me!:)


Marla Taviano said...

Awww... this is so sweet, Kaye! Love the relationship the two of you share! Happy Birthday, Mary Katherine!!

The Milams said...

Love the post! Love you!!!!

The Garners said...

Great list!
Happy Birthday to sweet Mary Katherine--we love you!!!

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