Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July & Congratulations to Winners!

We've been celebrating by
eating far too much good food...
and that pretty much sums up our holiday.

Happy BIG 60 Larry!
Hope & pray you are well very soon!
Surely with chocolate cake, complete with
"Sparklers" you must feel better:) aerial view of the TEA Party held
downtown today...
..and some ribs smoking compliments
of David earlier today...yummmy...
not to mention homemade ice cream brought
to us by a friend, and divine fish caught yesterday
morning, then cooked along with all of the
trimmings; hush puppies, coleslaw & fries....
to celebrate Larry's birthday a day early...
..another aerial of downtown at noon today...
..a WONDERFUL discovery brought to Jack
by some friends...if you work outdoors in this heat,
these are a 'must have'!!!!
...Jack taking GOOD care of Maddie
(our adopted grand-dog),
opening the door for her....and helping her in,
before our 4th of July flight....
..all the while we TRY to grow some grass ...
as we pray for desperately needed rain!

I hope this has been a wonderfully
blessed day for you and your family.

Thanks so much for entering the giveaway
and thanks for every single suggestion
for the new website.
Gabe and I have worked back and forth
the last few days
and he and I both are taking your suggestions
to heart and we hope you'll be
pleased with the new site once it is
'up and running'!

The winners have been chosen by
and they are as follows:
1st Prize:
3Blessings - 8 x 16 Engraved Tile
2nd Prize:
Rhonda @ The Turner Family - 6 x 12 Engraved Tile
3rd Prize:
Queen of the Click - 2 Engraved Coasters
4th Prize:
Bourg Family - Engraved Wood Frame

Congratulations Winners!
Please contact me via email to let me know
what you'd like on your engraved items.

Blessings this Independence Day & Always,

If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
John 8:36

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In His Army said...

LOoks like you had a great holiday! That food sounds delicious!

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