Monday, November 30, 2009


Mary Katherine made us a new "Thankful Tree"
this year and everyone was happy to write
what they were thankful for on individual leaves.
This leaf tells part of the story...
showing names of family members
we are very thankful for...
Jack IV was VERY thankful Aunt Stephanie let him
play with her I-Touch. He LOVED drinking milk
from it:) His smile says it all....too cute!
3 Jacks and Ali rode Segway's
while the weather was so nice..
..Jackpaw took Jack IV for several rides...
...Korky and Jack IV drinking together from
the I-Touch drinks...
....Ali & Jack IV with their Mom making sure
he didn't fall from the wagon!
So very much to be thankful for...
but this year more than ever
I was so very thankful for everything
HE has provided for our family...
food, a roof over our heads
& a healthy family.
Praying your family had a wonderfully blessed
Blessings today and always,
Matthew 21:22

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Stephanie said...

I sure hope Jack forgives me for taking my I-touch home. :) What a blessed time we had!! Thanks for everything!! We love you lots!!

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