Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Facing The Giants-Jason McLeod

Last week in Prentiss, Mississippi
Jason McLeod of
Facing the Giants and Fireproof
fame spoke at their annual Youth Rally.
My brother, his wife Stephanie and
their daughter Anna
were thrilled to spend a lot of time
with this special young man who impacted
hundreds of youth in their area.
I asked Korky to find out from Jason what Scripture
meant the most to him and we got more than that;
his autograph along with the Scripture that holds
a lot of meaning in his life.
The tile above will be shipped to him tomorrow,
along with a special thank-you for speaking
HIS truths in Prentiss and
to so many people across the Country.
I feel as though Jefferson Davis County
will never be the same after hearing this very
inspiring young man preach
and spending quality time with him.
We also discussed sending something to his
parents, so the tile above
will be sent along with his gift.
If you haven't seen these movies,
please take the time to do so.
Jason is mostly recognized for 'the death crawl'
in Facing the Giants
and was a volunteer fire fighter in Fireproof.
...and rumor has it that Jason enjoyed great
'home style' cookin' at The Country Fisherman
in Prentiss....and famous Bar-B-Q at Letha's
in Hattiesburg.
I told my brother while he
was here for the Thanksgiving holidays that if
I didn't love him so much I'd be jealous of those
two outstanding meals Jason was treated to.
Blessings today and always,
Matthew 21:22


3LittleByrds said...

He's a talented man and their church is so talented as well. My husband and I LOVE both those movies. Makes you really think. What great gifts to send.

Stephanie said...


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