Thursday, June 16, 2011

SUYL - What We Make

As part of Kelly's Show Us Your Life Friday's,
below are some newer items that have yet to be added
to the website.

Thanks Kelly for allowing us to show our work!

The picture above shows a donor wall engraved a
few years ago.
Above are wood frames engraved for a teams'
coaches this 2011 season.
A new wedding tile made for a bride and groom recently,
as part of their wedding registry at a gift shop nearby.
An engraved wedding gift was drop-shipped
to a couple several weeks ago and they
subsequently ordered a tile
for their new home showing
their street number.
And one of my closest friends recently welcomed
a new grandson, Kaden.
I shipped the above tile to her home and now the argument
is who does this gift belong to;
the parents, or the grandparents:)

Thanks again Kelly for allowing us to show
our work links on your SUYL Series.

Have a blessed weekend,
Matthew 21:22

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