Tuesday, March 10, 2009

About Wellspring & Associates

Introducing my friend Valerie's business Wellspring & Associates.

Please go here to visit her website. She has two other sites listed in my favorites:

1. Perk Place
2. Gotta Buy

Hopefully soon she'll enter the 'blog' world!
Best of luck Valerie with these various endeavors and blessings to you always,
Matthew 21:22

And now a synopsis of what Valerie wants to help you with:

Everything we do is designed with one thing in mind...Building Your Business.

Wellspring means a "Fountain of Creativity." We are dedicated to providing our clients with creative, results oriented marketing communications ideas and solutions. Programs that help build strong brands, traffic and sales. Bottom-line...business results.

Founded in 1992, Wellspring & Associates is a marketing communications agency, based on a 'virtual staffing' business model. We build and lead teams of top industry freelance professionals, specifically chosen to meet your marketing communications needs.

This new approach to marketing communications resources benefits you, because you pay only for the talent you need, when you need it. Without exorbitant overhead fees.

The bottom line is exceptional advertising, marketing, and technology talent working on your business.


Advertising Agency

Business Owner



Because of our unique staffing model, there is no bureaucracy to deal with, which makes for fast turn around. And, you will receive the counsel and work that is most appropriate for your situation, versus the traditional "retro-fitting" of your needs into someone else's services.

Wellspring can provide you with totally integrated communications services -- from strategic marketing communications planning and brand development to advertising, direct and internet marketing, promotions and events, database management and collateral development. Whatever your communications needs are, we can help you.

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