Monday, March 2, 2009

"A" Who?

Yesterday was a big day in the life of a little 5 year old boy because it was time for the highly anticipated "T-Ball Draft"! Zachary is chomping at the bit and ready for his first season to 'play ball'.

I asked him before his Dad left for the draft which team he'd prefer to be on. He really couldn't make up his mind so Brandon and I tried to help with some Major League team names thinking he'd easily pick one.

I suggested the Orioles, and told him Cal Ripken is probably the best baseball player EVER (in my opinion). He said, "No, he didn't want to be an "Oreo"!

Zachary's Dad then asked him, "Who's your favorite player?" Zachary responded, "Peyton Manning".

So Brandon and I quickly decided it was time to differentiate for Zachary we were discussing two different sports, etc........His eyes lit up...he got his Dad said, "Who has always been your favorite baseball player?"

Zachary thought for a minute, then exploded by saying, "A-ROID". These kids.....they do crack me up!

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