Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Surprise for Jim!

Thumbs up after a great flight!
...a before the flight kiss...and I'm sure
"you be careful" instructions from Kim...
...and after the birthday flight hugs & smiles...

Jim's wife Kim, from Lone Star called last week and desperately wanted to surprise her husband today for his birthday with a helicopter ride.
Jim is a former pilot and his license was revoked shortly after he started flying, for medical reasons. He l.o.v.e.s. to fly, but because of his declining health over the past few years he hasn't had many opportunities to do so.
Kim asked him this morning to go outside with her and immediately he said, "What the heck (?) is that?" He recognized the sound and asked his sweet wife, "You got me a helicopter ride for my birthday, didn't you?"
He was thrilled beyond words, what a fun birthday for Jim, as we were very thankful for perfect weather and a great morning with them.
Happy Birthday Jim!
J & K
P. S. If you're ever in the Lone Star, Texas area, Jim & Kim own a small motel and RV park on Lone Star Lake named Scenic View Motel & Marina. Their place was formerly known as Pop Warner's Fish Camp. A great place to visit and I'm sure this very sweet couple would be wonderful hosts!

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Marla Taviano said...

My birthday's on Halloween. Just in case Jack wants to fly up here and surprise me. :)

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