Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zoo #53 Along The Taviano Way

Welcoming The Precious Taviano Family
We were blessed beyond measure to host the
Taviano Family on Thursday night.

There are so many stories to tell and I spoke
in detail with Marla while she was here
that I simply 'cannot write',
but I sincerely want to tell everyone
a little about this wonderful family
of 'blog friends' we met here at our home.

Since they left here yesterday morning I've felt numb,
since I knew I couldn't 'write this story' I wanted
to tell so very badly.
Prayerfully I can start here and as I
can, I'll try to add more 'chapters'.....

First of all, we'll never be the same, period.

Secondly, they are the first 'blog' friends we've met.

Thirdly, we'll never forget this experience.

This family is a wonderful example of what God
is doing in the lives

of those who are willing to
simply ask Him.

They have prayed more than we can imagine for Him to provide
a way to make these trips to 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks in order for
Marla to write the book she envisioned writing several months ago.

God is answering each and every prayer along the way.
For starters He has provided restored health for Marla,
He has provided the finances needed for their travels,
He has provided homes for them to stay in along the way,
He has provided nourishment, new life-long friendships,
strength along the way, and
He is opening doors for His glory at each mile-marker
along the Taviano's way....
A gift engraved for their family.
Almost the 'whole' zoo!
Minus the doves, the horse, the geese, the swan & I.

When they were getting out of their van,
the first sounds they heard were gunshots..
(only in Texas:)...
Gabe was quick to ask,
'is someone already shooting at us?'

Hopefully he was able to breathe a sigh of relief
when I told him some of the guys were preparing for
a "Relay for Life" Skeet Shoot that was to be held here
today. We've been rained out but the organizers hope
to reschedule the shoot for a great cause in a few weeks.
The sweet ladies sorting through laundry.
I have bragged since they left to
everyone I've spoken to about
their precious daughters.
They are so beautiful, and they are
very respectful, thoughtful and loving,
a gift within itself
and a testimony to their parents for raising these
precious little ones.

As you can see from the photo,
each of them knew her own "job" while doing laundry.
I am convinced they are 'helpers' at home!
What a blessing....

They were so cute (and a little worried) when they saw
the signs in our home saying,
"$5.00 charge for whining" & a sign that reads "No whining".
One of them eventually asked me, "but what if we get hurt?"
I explained to them if they are hurt & are crying that is OK,
but it has been a long-term rule, (ask any of the grand kids),
"No Whining at KK's"!
Needless to say,
the Taviano girls didn't have to leave $5.00!:)

And let's not forget Nina may have met her
future husband while she was here!
Trent was shy about the situation, but I think there may be
something in the works:)
Please go here and here to read more about this chapter
of the story.....
Packing up and ready to go to The Caldwell Zoo in Tyler.
Notice the stickers; they are notes the girls write to one
another while on the road. They also had two strips of tape
in the roof of the van, with the states they are traveling to
written on the tape. One of the girls cut a drawing of a van
out of paper, and is was attached using velcro on Texas!
How ingenious!
Before they can leave, Marla has a 'book signing'!
Thanks so much Marla for the
autographed books for us girls.
And their off.........:( sniff-sniff....
to their next destination...then on to Houston,
then to Sea World in San Antonio,
then to Memphis, then return
to their home..(hopefully I haven't left any city out)?

If your family is on their 'route', it is my sincere prayer
that you have been or will be as blessed
by this sweet Jesus loving
family as we have been.....

Praying for safe travels and fun zoo experiences
throughout the remainder of their trip.
And I want to thank them in advance
for their continued prayers for our family.

Note to Gabe: Jack is standing behind his word
that the flat tire was because of
a nail in the tire while they were in Oklahoma!
He said no way could something
like that happen in Texas:)!

Blessings along this continuing journey...
With His "Tapestry Weaving" Love,
Matthew 21:22

"To the Lord I cry aloud,
and He answers me from His Holy hill.
I lie down and sleep; I wake again,
because the Lord sustains me."
Psalm 3:4-5 NIV

P. S. I am humbled and grateful for being introduced to the
word 'blog' by Mary Katherine a couple of years ago.
When she first said the word 'blog', I asked, "what is a blog?"
Later her husband suggested I 'needed'
a blog and I am very thankful.
There are countless testimonies that have come from
"The Blog World" and I will be forever grateful for
what this has done and is doing in my life,
and in the lives of so many others.


Marla Taviano said...

Thank you, Kaye. Love you!!

Cheryl said...

Well, I for one am very grateful to Mary Katherine for introducing you to the blog world, dear Kaye...and to Marla, any friend of KK's is a friend of mine! I will keep your family in my prayers.

The Milams said...

Yes they WERE wonderful, but glad the post ended by giving me the credit I deserve!!:)

Kidding aside, I am so glad that we were able to be a stop on their journey. Hope that we will be able to see them again sometime.

Hope you have rested up...we have a big day ahead of us this week!

Gail said...

Kaye, I linked over from Marla's blog. Thank you for taking such fabulous care of my friends. And more importantly thank you for proclaiming loudly how God's fingerprints are all over them. Such a blessing!

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