Saturday, October 11, 2008

Engraving Tumbled Marble For Home Installation

These 4" x 4" tumbled marble tiles were engraved for installation in our home. As you can see, the tumbled marble engraves white, instead of dark, because of its chalky texture.

Christy wanted to install engraved tiles when they remodeled. I engraved western brands for Trace's shower on 6" x 6" tiles and 4" x 4" tiles were engraved at a 45 degree angle, using the words Faith, Hope & Love around her bathtub. She also installed an engraved 12" x 12" tile using artwork from her existing kitchen cabinets and "The Hart Home", which was used over her stove-top.

This obviously requires "pre-planning" but adds a unique 'personal touch' to a home.


The Garners said...

These are beautiful! I love the fruit of the Spirit tiles--Rhett is learning the fruits of the Spirit at school right now--I love to hear him say them! Very very pretty!

Soldier in Training said...

What a great idea. I love how it looks and how it adds a personal touch!

The McKaughan's said...

Kaye, I think that is probably the most beautiful work I've seen so far! I love it, and it's the perfect way to put that "special touch" in your home. Awesome!

Jillian said...

i LOVE this!!!! you are so talented and such a wonderful friend to my mama! i love you!

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