Thursday, October 16, 2008

Like Mother Like Son x 2

To borrow a quote from Mary Katherine, 'we don't remember not being a part of each others lives', and one thing I remember very well is I never bathed alone after she became a part of my life. Not only did she & I bathe together, she had to do everything I did while bathing, so shaving our legs became a daily ritual, as well as using Neutrogena Rainbath, which we all remain 'addicted' to!

While keeping her boys earlier this week, I showed them what she would do, but we made the change from shaving legs (a girly thing) to shaving their faces (the man thing to do)!

I got them a plastic razor blade holder, since that is what she would use as a little girl, and then I gave them a can of shaving cream...and they LOVED it!

They were sweet brothers to shave each others faces very carefully as I explained to them there is no way to know how much shaving cream their Mom and I had wasted through the years. Therefore they too wanted to see if they could 'empty the can' before they were both completely 'clean-shaven'!

Now, if I can only cut out faces, arms and legs out of cardboard, so they can learn to lay their clothes out on the floor, (yes, right beside the bathtub), and using these cut-outs to lay out their clothing for the day! This ritual included shirt, underwear, bottoms, socks and shoes, so they will be 'oh so ready' to dress themselves, once they are clean & clean shaven!

At least with boys, laying out the 'perfect' bow' to coordinate with their clothing won't be necessary, when using their life-size paper dolls each time they bathe and shave!

Needless to say, we had some good 'clean' fun together!


The McKaughan's said...

Trent looks just like MK!!! Such CUTE pictures of sweet little boys!! A blessing they have such a tight brotherly bond!

The Milams said...

Glad they got to waste shaving cream at your house because they don't get to at home!!!!

The Garners said...

I miss those cute boys!!!

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