Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hours Of Operation

The wording engraved on this leather square hanging outside of the shop came from a wood sign in front of a store in New Orleans.

I think it describes my 'Hours Of Operation' pretty well! Needless to say, it is advantageous having your work in a shop beside your home.

If I had been so inclined to come up with this on my own, it most likely would have read: "Catch Me If You Can".


The Garners said...

This is so funny! The sign for my painting business (can't really even call it that) would have to read something about "only open when the kids are asleep or interested in a cartoon...or when I'm not blogging or reading blogs!" or something like that! What little painting I get done usually happens between about 9pm and midnight!

The Milams said...

I think it should also say that you may have to dodge a cat, dog and/or grandkid or two.

KK said...

Yes, and also, please excuse the cat smell!

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