Wednesday, January 21, 2009

HE continues to restore...

With the help of one of HIS angels; a wonderful, talented and gracious photographer, Camille Ackerman!

Several months ago a dear family friend sent me an old photograph of my sister and I, along with one of our cousins. While I was thrilled to receive this picture I noticed in the background of the photo 2 portraits I never thought I'd see again, since they were hanging in Mary Katherine's room when we lost everything in a fire.

About the same time I received this photo, I read about Camille on someone's blog (yes I truly believe God sent me there for this reason) and her ability to 'restore' photographs, so I emailed her, told her the situation, and asked if she thought there was any way possible to extract the two pictures hanging on the wall in the background, and make pictures from them.

She asked me to scan and email the picture to her and she'd do as best she could for us to have these treasured pictures. That didn't work so she asked if I'd mail her the picture. Of course I did, after scanning the original to have a copy of it just in case it were lost in the mail, since we don't take many chances with photos around here anymore!

Today I received a package in the mail and didn't recognize the return address, so I was 'BLOWN AWAY' to open the box and see what she sent!

Thank you Camille once again for your time, your hard work and your help in restoring these pictures. I have literally had my 'socks blown off' today and am more thankful than anyone will ever know.

I have already made copies for the sweet lady who first shared the picture with me, and of course for my brother and sister, so we'll all have copies of the ONLY picture EVER taken while my sister and I wore a tutu:) just gotta love the hairdo's!

Camille's information is as follows, as I would highly recommend her services:
Ackerman Imaging, LLC,

Sincere thanks Camille,
Revelation 21:5


The McKaughan's said...

Kaye, that's SO awesome! It just gave me chills to see and read! I know how happy you are today and I'm so happy for you! God is GREAT!!!

Cheryl said...

that's great Kaye

Heather said...

Wow!! What a blessing, that is fantastic!! God is great and takes great joy in every detail in our lives!! They turned out great too!!

Anonymous said...


I am so thankful you and I were able to connect! I am so glad that I could help you with this!!


Have a wonderful day!

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