Friday, January 9, 2009

A very special birthday

Family & Friends alike absolutely blew me away by blessing me more than words can say on my birthday. Zachary and Trent brought their birthday cake creation, a delicious and beautiful strawberry cake, complete with lots of sprinkles. The girls were kind in posting birthday sentiments as well as blogger friends leaving very special comments.

As you can see in the pictures, candles were lit and blown out several times by the grandchildren and each time they'd add more candles. What are they thinking....could it be, "KK is aging as we celebrate?"

One highlight, which I'll have to photograph and share later was a basket for my Pee-Wee Herman bicycle. Mary Katherine bought this thinking perhaps I could carry one of the grand kids in the basket, but after reading the warnings we decided this wouldn't be a good idea since it says 'do not exceed 4 pounds':(.

Other highlights included Tab dishes, great cheesecake mixes (yum), Christy brought another docking station for my new Ipod, a great OU T-shirt, some cute and comfy "Reef" house shoes, a gift card for I-Tunes (and a lot of music downloading on the Ipod to boot, courtesy of MK), Paula & Wyatt brought a Claire Burke Original Oil Diffuser, (another favorite of all time) and some Glagla Shoes which are GREAT. These shoes are very lightweight water shoes that are so comfortable and were sent by my sweet brother and his family.

I also received a beautiful Camellia Tree, brought from Magnolia, Arkansas by my sister and brother-in-law. My sister saw the nursery and immediately turned around to go back (yes, she spilled David's coffee EVERYWHERE), something he is still disturbed about:( He does like to keep his truck clean, so hopefully he'll be forgiving for this break-neck-slam on brakes-turnaround.

But, they met a very special lady there and she sent me all colors of tulip bulbs. Tulips are one of my favorites so I cannot wait to watch these bloom this Spring.

Please say a prayer for this sweet lady, Miss Doris. She recently lost her baby sister, so when my sister told her why she stopped there, to buy something special for my birthday, Miss Doris fell to pieces. We have decided, without doubt, this is a "God Story" since the timing of their visit was 'perfect'. She needed some caring customers that afternoon and God told my sister to turn around and go back. Little did she know....why HE led her there, but now we know.

I have spoken to Miss Doris several times on the phone since that day and we made up a 'care package' for her that my sister delivered on her way back through Magnolia when they were traveling back home to Mississippi. We have a new precious friend in Miss Doris and we are very thankful for her and pray we can help her through this very difficult time.

Thanks for a wonderfully blessed day, full of loved ones visiting, calling and sending sweet cards. I have so much to be thankful for and pray I never take anything for granted.

Please forgive me if there is something I've neglected to mention....I'm officially OLD and have developed an extreme case of 'old-timers'.

Have a wonderfully blessed day and weekend,
Philemon 1:4


In His Army said...

I'm glad your day was special! These pictures are just precious--they are having a time with that cake! :)

korky said...

No Sparkles.... :( i so sorry

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