Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An Impromptu Photo Session

While all 3 children were here one afternoon during the holidays, I asked if I could take some pictures since it is a rare occasion that we can catch them here together, without other distractions going on...so they acquiesced and I'm hoping to get some of these framed very soon!

Please keep in mind no one "dressed" for these and Tripp had been busy helping put together 100+ sets of shelves all day.

And no 'family photo session' would be complete without Maddie so I had to share one of the pictures with her.

Hope your Tuesday has gone well. I've spent the day with a 'laser engraver Dr.' for annual check-ups and I'm happy to report the machines are both finely tuned and ready for the new year!

Blessings always,
Matthew 21:22


The Milams said...

What's wrong with that youngest one? Does she have problems???

Life in Oh-me-ha said...

You can definitely tell which one is ADOPTED!!!! Oh, have we told her yet?

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